Pandemic Suite

Daniel’s writings during the Corona Vortex of 2020-2022.

Be aware that these are all snapshops of evolving Philosophy and Protocol!

Social Dancing in Education 2022.

Daniel’s Proposal for the return of Social Dancing in Education, at all levels of the educational system, but particularly in Colleges and Universities, where the teachers of our youth are formed.

To College Administrators, Dance Department Chairs, Philanthopists, and Media Influencers.

Social Dance is a Collaborative, Non-Competitive, Interactive, Somatic Discipline that values the notion that healthy intimate, and team building, interactions can be learned through in-person experiences, involving the skills of human touch, eye contact, and musical collaboration. Socual Dance is uniquely suited for such study, but has been left out of education because of both the antiquated notion of binary gender roles from the 50s, and the free expression movement of the 60s. But an up-to-date version of social dance is ideally suited today for teaching the set of human intimacy skills that are being lost through screens, social meadia, and the pandemic based changes to public interactions.

Social Dance is a form whose time has come! Please read on…


Abstract and Biography

Start from the beginning here and learn about Daniel’s retirement from Tango road life to Florence (Northampton), Massachusetts, the creation of  “Casa 62” as an alternative elder care facility, and its transition to a full time dance house in 2022. Here is the foundational philosphy for the whole Suite of writings.


Rings of Affinity, June 2020

Written during the early months of the Pandemic, this is Daniel’s plea for the preservation of Social Circles in Safe Rings, Bubbles, or Pods, at a time when such thinking was just begiing to emerge. We were living at Casa 62 with 12 people, including Noreen, my 91 year old mother, at a time when the CDC was reccomending that no more than 10 people congregate, and when Noreen was in the most at risk population of elders. (Noreen passed in 2021, at Casa 62, peacefully, and NOT from COVID.

The Return to Social Dancing

Daniel’s musings on the desires, the difficulties, and the evolving protocols for a healthy return to Social Dancing, Dance Classes, and Intensive Study in the emerging, and possibly post-pandemic reality. Ideas for the sutaining and improving of general dance skill levels, for Event organizers, and Dance Teachers.

Adding Rings Checklist- 2020

Also created at the time when Vaccinations were unavailable! We felt that if we were behaving consciously withon our “Ring”, and other friends were behaving consciously in theirs, that there was a pathway to safely joining our circles. Here was our attempt at a guide for working out the arrangements.


Levels of Risk Guide- 2021

As our social circles began to expand again, and we started to recieve visitors from other places, or began to travel and return to home from other places, it became important to determine the level of risk associated with different activities. This document is still evolving in our real time deliberations, on a case by case basis, but we still find this guide a useful tool.

Casa 62- Early House Protocols- 2020

How did we decide collectively to change our behavior in the face of the Pandemic, and all of the mixed information and advice? This document was created before Vaccinations and Therapuetic Treatment was available. It was during the time when we were still worried about transmission of the virus on surfaces. It is here so you can see the evolution of our thinking.