Personalized Pilates Style Workouts

Supervised Workouts on Pilates Equipment:

(I began using Pilates equipment for training as a present to myself for my 40th birthday. I had ignored this kind of comprehensive training when I was young and athletic, taking daily technique classes in various disciplines. Training in the gym is far better for me now that I am older. – DT)

I wish I had been more disciplined in my athletic training when I was younger. There is so much I missed out on. Since starting pilates I realized I missed out on exercises such as yoga which is similar to pilates but different in itself due to the core strength you need in both. If I had pushed myself to do well in my training, I could have attended something like this 300 hour yoga teacher training india course, which would have extended my athletic skills further.

Nonetheless, here we are and luckily I have been able to use my pilates equipment to great success, what a fantastic investment it was.

The Pilates gym was one of the precursors of all modern gyms, and the 25 plus stations on which you can warm up and condition yourself serves to educate as it challenges you, to refine awareness as it combines building strength and flexibility.

Movement Education:

Based on Body Mind Centering, the work of Bonnie Cohen, these sessions are for individuals facing challenges with their bodies efficient performance during dance, sports, or regular activity. As the body integrates efficient movement patterns, stress, discomfort, and pain is relieved.

The Tango House Pilates Equipment