One-on-One Pilates with Daniel at Casa 62, in 2022

I began using Pilates equipment for training as a present to myself for my 40th birthday. I had ignored this kind of comprehensive training when I was young and athletic, taking daily technique classes in various disciplines. Training in the gym is far better for me now that I am older. – DT

40 Plus years as a Movement Educator!

Based on Body Mind Centering, the work of Bonnie Cohen, these sessions are for individuals facing challenges with their bodies efficient performance during dance, sports, or regular activity. As the body integrates efficient movement patterns, stress, discomfort, and pain is relieved.

Have you been consciously isolating and staying safe and healthy? 

Are you missing working out at the gym?

Are you worried about returning to a public gym?

Would you like the personal attention of an experienced

teacher in a private setting? 

If you have answered yes to these questions then let’s talk about

how this might work for you! 

– Develop a personalized routine with a professional trainer

–1 year of reduced intro pricing for dancers and neighbors!

– Gym cleaned between each session

– Air-filtration fan w Merv 13 Filter, plus UV Light Filtration

– Air Conditioning in Summer

– Small workout Cohort

Hello friends, dancers and neighbors, 

I am Daniel. I’ve lived on Middle St. in Florence since 2008. I have been a professional dancer for more than 40 years, touring internationally for the first 20, teaching at the Colleges in the Valley for the last 20, while running local dance programs and caring for  my aging parents who have now both passed away.

When I turned 40 I gave myself the gift of Pilates. I studied in a rehabilitative gym in Boston for 5 years before purchasing my own equipment. For the last 20 years I have maintained my strength and flexibility through Pilates in my private gym while teaching dance for my living.

Now, dancing as a social activity is locking down in waves and, for the time being, unfortunately, it is looking like the pandemic will continue to force this halting lifestyle upon us. My normal livelihood has been deeply impacted by the pandemic, and with the advent of these continuing surges I have been offering my private Pilates-style gym for one-on-one fitness workouts here in Florence. I will only be taking a maximum of 6 regular clients. I am offering these spots to my neighbors, and to people in my personal network who would have to drive here. At this writing there are 3 more spots. After they are full I will start a waitlist.

My high quality hand-crafted gym was built by one of the inventors of this kind of equipment who worked closely with Joseph Pilates in NYC. My approach is strictly rehabilitative. I will work with you to develop a personalized routine which will stay within safe boundaries. The goal is all-round well-being achieved through a combination of strength and flexibility, and staying safely within your limits. Ideally, the routine is paired with cardio exercise such as bicycling and walking, which you will do on your own.

The intention is for you to work out twice a week and pay by the month. The studio will be thoroughly cleaned and aired between sessions. I have filters which runs during sessions. There is AC for hot days. We will not work out if either of us is feeling sick or feels that we have been exposed to COVID. Any sessions missed due to necessary isolation for either of us will be made up afterwards. We will follow COVID guidance from the State. If we are completely shut down any unused funds will be returned to you.

The object is to remain safe and be able to sustain our practice. A typical workout is completed in 45-60 mins. They may last a little longer while you are learning. For the rest of this winter, at least, sessions will be only one-on-one, or for pairs who already “bubbled” together. The gym is located in downtown Florence, 1 block from Main and Maple.

In the interest of safety and focus I will limit the number of client sessions to 12 per week (6 at 2x per week). The cost will be $440/month per person based on 8 $55 sessions, 45-60 minute each per month. I will honor this introductory price for one year as long as you remain committed. Normally, one-on-one training can run $100+ an hour. I am only offering this price to friends, dancers, and neighbors (and possibly to your friends) (Pairs already bubbled together during pandemic isolation can arrange to workout together at a discount). I am fully insured.

If you are interested, let’s talk! We will set up an introductory session where you can meet me and experience the gym before making a commitment. I hope to meet interested folks soon!

Your participation supports my dancer’s life, and it will help me survive these trying times, hopefully to return to a robust dance world that becomes safe again. For now, thank you in advance. Let’s spend the winter keeping you safely in shape, and learning more deeply about your Pilates training.

Wishing you all safety and good health.

Daniel, M.Ed. in Dance

tel/text: (413)-522-2225


The Tango House Pilates Gym