Casa 62- The Tango House in Florence (Northampton) Mass

Purchased in 2008 by the Trenner Family, for Alternative Elder Care. Daniel’s parents passed in 2011 and 2020 (not from COVID). The desogn was that it would then become a dance house. New Programs begin in 2022.


Tango and Salsa at the Five Colleges, Western Massachusetts

From 2007 to 2021 Daniel taught Tango and Salsa at Smith and Mount Holyoke Colleges, Coached Tango and Salsa Clubs at Hampshire and Amherst Colleges, and taught at the Dance Festival, and sopecial programs at UMASS Amherst.

The Tango Catalogue- 1996-2001

The Tango Catalogue was the first tango “store” in North America, the first way to get Traditional Tango Dance Music on CD, Instructional Videos on VHS Tape, Tango Movies, other dances, and tango related contacts and advertising. It was also the home of the Bridge to the Tango Tours to Buenos Aires, and other destinations. See the Vidoe Archive to view the videos in 2022!

The Bridge to the Tango Tours

1993-2001 Tours prncipally to Buenos Aires but additionally to Amsterdam, Paris, and Havana, Cuba. We also ran festivals in Montreal, Tango Locura, and in Steamboat Springs Colorado, The Rocky Mounatin Dance Camp.


Historical Tango Images

Collected by Daniel during his 15 years in Buenos Aires.

Daniel before, and apart from, Tango

Daniel began dancing in 1974, and began Tango in 1987. His life in dance was dedicated to the study of Jazz Tap, Contact Improvisation, and Body Mind Centering. He travelled extensively during the years before Tango, and became a prime influencer of the Post Modern, Contact improvisation Community in Buenos Aires.