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New Programs 2022

Welcome Mitra Martin for an extended residency at the Tango House beginning in April 2022 !!

Welcome Lorena Ermocida– Workshop May 11-15,2022

Tango Intensive Study and Apprenticeship with Daniel, and his Guests.

Come to Massachusetts for Intensive Study , Research in the Tango Archive, and to experience Dance Community Life, at Casa 62, The Tango Archive House.

Social Dance in Education 2022

Watch Daniel Trenner’s talk about social dance as it could be; a fundamental aspect of physical education curriculum in schools, where it would serve to impart skills of social etiquette, leadership, followership, touch, and the managing of personal boundaries; social dance, as an experience, being a natural compliment to intellectual rigor in the training of the “whole” person/student.

Click here to read Daniel’s proposal for College Administrators, Dance Department Chairs, Philanthopists, and Influencers.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are a direct and enjoyable way to improve your dancing at your own pace, and are available in all modalities

Daniel on Tour

Daniel’s Tango Classes and Workshops, Lectures and Symposiums


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