COVID Era House Protocols- Casa 62- Daniel Trenner- 2021

Covid-Era House Protocols (updated 12/06/20)

Casa 62, Florence, MA:

  1. 1. Going Out: As per MA law, masks must be worn when out in public in any facility or any time you are unable to maintain 6ft distancing from others. This includes outdoor spaces i.e. the bike path/parks.
    1. a. Minimize exposure by only going into enclosed spaces with people when necessary – getting groceries, etc.
    2. b. If getting gas or other outdoor activities that require you to touch things, try to have hand sanitizer or wipes handy to keep hands/surfaces clean
    3. c. Getting groceries, going into stores, and picking up takeout discussed below
  2. 2. Clothes/Shoes/Showering:
    1. a. Shoes that have been worn in public spaces should be removed in the vestibule and not worn into the house.
    2. b. High risk spaces: Medical facilities, grocery stores or other highly/moderately populated spaces that you stay in for longer than 10 minutes:
      1. i. Change clothes when returning home, maybe shower if highly populated
      2. ii. If hair is long and loose during outing, wash it upon returning home
      3. iii. Use your judgement about risk assessment
    3. c. Masks: No need to wear them inside the house unless under self-quarantine.
  3. 3. Guest Protocol:
    1. a. Only the regular guests discussed are allowed inside the house. If this changes, an additional guest must be discussed with the household.
      1. i. Dual layered process:
        1. 1. Step one is to discuss our requirements and needs along with the possible guest, get on the same page. Find out all of their potential vectors of risk, who all they are physically close to in their lives, and how they are taking care and communicating with all of those people.
        2. 2. Step two is to bring a new guest to the table during a house meeting: “I think this person is a great fit, let me tell you why.”
          1. a. Questions and concerns
    2. b. Whoever is bringing a guest in is responsible for enforcing ALL of these rules and having extensive conversations about the guest’s level of care – should match our own.
    3. c. Other guests may come and sit outside on porch or back table with 6ft distancing. The same rules apply for visiting others in other spaces. Socially distanced outdoor hangouts with masks are always fine.
  4. 4. Studio/Pilates equipment: Might change if Daniel starts providing 1:1 lessons in the studio. Pilates equipment is in the studio – can only use if trained by Daniel.
    1. a. Studio scheduling system – things need to go through Daniel, but the person making a reservation needs to add the appointment to the google calendar.
    2. b. Wipe down or shake out mats if you use them
    3. c. Restrictions on using the studio go into place if under self quarantine
  5. 5. Kitchen cleanliness:
    1. a. Dishes – Should be cleaned very well with foamy soap and sponges sanitized/thrown out often.
    2. b. Sponges – If the sponge starts to smell, throw it in the trash. Microwave sponges to sanitize.
    3. c. Sanitizing surfaces – cleaning with a soapy sponge that has just been microwaved, then rinse sponge to clean off the soap. Sanitize surfaces after bringing in takeout or groceries and putting on counter. As always, wipe down surfaces after use for cleanliness
    4. d. Don’t touch other people’s things while they are preparing food or hover/breath on the food
    5. e. Different hand towel from dish drying towel – dish towel will hang across from sink, hand towel on the oven. Don’t use the dish towel for anything other than drying dishes.
    6. f. Door knobs and handles should be periodically wiped down. If you think about it, go ahead and do it.
  6. 6. Groceries/packages/Take-out:
    1. a. No longer necessary to wipe down individual groceries
      1. i. Wash hands both immediately when returning to the house, and after you’re finished putting your groceries away
      2. ii. Sanitize surfaces if you’ve put groceries down on table or countertops while putting them away
    2. b. If bringing food from a restaurant, put it on dishes or wipe down the containers in the vestibule before bringing them into the kitchen.
      1. i. Wash hands in between touching packaging and touching food or other surfaces
      2. ii. Additional heat (a few seconds of microwaving, etc) can kill any virus on the food if there is any concern
    3. c. Always wear a mask when interacting with people to pick up items, even if you are not entering a building. If you need to be within 6ft of a person for a handoff, you need to wear a mask.
      1. i. Remember to sanitize your hands and credit card if applicable, especially if someone else is handling your card or if you use a touchpad or pen
  7. 7. Bathrooms:
    1. a. Don’t leave anything out that you wouldn’t want to touch if it wasn’t yours!
    2. b. Be extra aware of the bathrooms if it is your week. Deep clean weekly as usual with rotation.
    3. c. If someone is in quarantine, the person cleaning the bathrooms should take extra care and wear a mask.
      1. i. Different quarantine circumstances will require different changes to bathroom availability
  8. 8. 6 ft distancing: MA law to maintain distance with other people outside of the house. No need to keep space between housemates unless circumstances surrounding work, etc. require.
  9. 9. Scheduling for meal-times:
    1. a. Give a heads up if you are going to be cooking for an extended amount of time so that housemates can plan around it
  10. 10. Soft vs. Hard Quarantine Requirements: 
    1. a. There are different levels of asymptomatic quarantine within the house – Exposure to a higher risk event, on-going high exposure due to work, and suspected exposure to an infected person
    2. b. Soft Quarantine – Mask is worn in all public spaces in the house. Notify the house when planning to use the kitchen and try to avoid peak times. Maintain extra distance when possible. Studio may be used at the end of the day when other housemates are finished.
    3. c. Medium Quarantine – Mask is worn in all public spaces in the house. Avoid peak times for kitchen use and let the house know when planning to use it. Minimize time in public spaces and maintain distance.
    4. d. Hard Quarantine – Stay in bedroom during the day, no time spent in public spaces. May use the kitchen at night when housemates are finished, and should prepare food for the following day to eliminate the need to go through the kitchen. Small bathroom will become the quarantine bathroom for exposed individual(s). For showers, the quarantined person will text for shower times, wiping everything down in the large bathroom when done.
    5. e. If a new person comes in, or someone returns from time away, one of these quarantine scenarios will be implemented based on the past 2 weeks of that person’s behavior.
  11. 11. If someone gets sick:
    1. a. Plan of action will depend on who gets sick first. Immediately, one bathroom will become the “sick bathroom” and that person will be in full quarantine in their bedroom/bathroom space and we will bring them what they need.
    2. b. If anyone is having symptoms in the house, then everyone in the household should be in full isolation within this house.
    3. c. If anyone tests positive who is known to have interacted with a household member, the entire house will go on lockdown and the person who interacted with the infected person will behave as if sick for 2 weeks.
    4. Reminders of regular house rules:
  1. 1. Flatten cardboard boxes and plastic containers
  2. 2. Bathrooms upstairs – big bathroom left open when leave, small bathroom left close and should lock when using it.
  3. 3. Downstairs fridge on left shared by Phoenix, Raphaela, and Jonaz, fridge on right shared by Andrew, Brian, Mike, and long-term guests. Upstairs large fridge, there is half shelf space with labels for most housemates, top shelf is shared space for all. Label things you put on top shelf.
  4. 4. Careful of grains and sweets: In summer there are grain moths upstairs, in winter there are mice in the basement.
  5. 5. Don’t leave anything out if you wouldn’t want to touch it if it weren’t yours!
  6. 6. Knives: Never put them in the sink or in the dish rack at any time. Keep them visible and separate at all times, to the right side of the sink before washing, to the left after washing.
  7. 7. Dry dishes and put away after washing them.
  8. 8. Turn off the water when finished with laundry.
  9. 9. Don’t leave laundry in the machines without moving it.
  10. 10. Quiet hours 10pm-10am. Keep hallway light off during quiet hours. Only turn it on to use stairs/walk to bathroom, and turn it off when you arrive.
  11. 11. Bathroom rotation for every person except Daniel. Separate checklist for the bathroom. Complete EVERYTHING on the checklist EVERY week. Chore rotations for downstairs spaces in progress
  12. 12. Clean up after yourself
  13. 13. Make sure hands are clean when touching shared surfaces, ie. handles, kettle. Clean handles if you get any food or grease on them.
  14. 14. Empty own trash, don’t put it in the bathroom.
  15. 15. Do NOT throw food away in bathroom
  16. 16. Trash day is Thursday
  17. 17. Roll up cloth on coffee table if bringing food into living room, use coasters, and clean up all food when leaving, and put the pillows back where they go on the couch
  18. 18. Living room is shared space. If you want to reserve the TV/livingroom space, text the house, otherwise first come first serve and open to anyone to join. No TV in living room past 10 or 11 (soft 10). If someone is staying in bedrooms off livingroom, check with them about their noise level concerns.

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