Lorena Ermocida, Visiting Artist

May 13-17, 2022

Biography below…

This Intensive Cohort is part of The Tango Cohorts iniative we are developing here at Casa 62. Created by Daniel Trenner and Mitra Martin emphasizing intensive study in committed small groups. It is designed to model a better way to study and practice dance in the Post Covid epoch.

Read more about Tango Cohorts here.

Lorena at Casa 62. May 13-17,2022


Text or Call Daniel at 413-522-2225 to Register for the Workshop or Private Lessons. (Private hours will go first to Workshop Participants.)

Limit of 6 couples per event. (If you are single we will try to match you with a partner.)

$600 per couple. (Plus transportation, lodging, and food)

Included: 8 hours of class, 6 hours of supervised practice, 6 hours of Archival Video with storytelling and Q and A with Lorena and Daniel.

Class 1- Friday evening, May 13, 7:30-9:30.

The Foundation of Tango Technique for All levels. 

Foundations are for Following and Leading. All dancers study the elements of both roles. The work begins with recognizing the body’s axes, and the managing of weight changes when on one’s own. We build from the inner connections in our own body, to recognizing the interchange between bodies with a partner. We will try to explore the following questions. What does it mean to expand one’s energy? How do we apply our energy to pivots, impulses, and the like? From where, and how, do we initiate movement?

9:30-10 Break and refreshments

Open dancing- 10PM- Midnight.

Class 2- Saturday Morning 11 AM- 12:30 PM- Practice from 12:30-1:30

The Structures of Tango.

Disassociation of the parts of the body, and how to apply it to create and deepen the experience of better tango figures . The actions of the Follower in Caminatas, Ochos, and the like.

Lunch Break 1:30-3:30

Class 3- Saturday Afternoon, 3:30-5- Practice from 5-6 PM.

Giros, that is turns.  Distinguishing the difference between leading from the feet or from the body. Exploring the followers timings, and the leader’s efforts.  

Dinner Break 6-8:30 PM

Saturday Evening in the Archive, Story, Video, Q. and A. with Lorena and Daniel- 8:30-11:30 PM

Class 4-Sunday Morning 11 AM- 12:30 PM- Practice from 12:30-1:30

Figures that permit Circulation in the line of dance.

Lunch Break 1:30-3:30 

Class 5- Sunday Afternoon, 3:30-5- Practice from 5-6 PM.

Improvisation! How Followers and Leaders find the right moments for embellishments.

Energy! Understanding how different energies can be used for the same movement.

(Energy does not mean force!)

Sunday Evening in the Archive- Storytelling, Video, Q. and A. with Lorena and Daniel- 8:30-11:30 PM

Monday May 16 and 17, Private hours available with Lorena and Daniel on a limited basis. Pre-register to reserve your time. $120/hour for Lorena. $100/hour for Daniel.


Lorena Ermocida is an internationally renowned Argentine Tango dancer, teacher and choreographer. In 2019 Lorena received her most prestigious honor, when Argentina’s National Academy of Tango inducted Lorena into its first class of the “Intermediate Generation” of Tango Artists in recognition of her “distinguished artistic trajectory”. She was awarded in Leonida Massine Prize, in Italy for artistic achievement, and, in Buenos Aires, the Pa Que Bailen Los Muchachos Prize, by the Argentine Secretary of State for Culture. She is one of Tango’s living superstars.

Lorena has starred in some of Tango’s best known touring shows: Sólo Tango, Gotan (dancer and assistant choreographer), Tango x 2, a revival of the iconic Tango Argentino. She was the lead female tango dancer for 9 years with Julio Iglesias’ on his global concert tours. In BsAs she partnered the world renown Juan Carlos Copes at La Esquina Carlos Gardel and Tango Porteño. 

On TV and in film: Grandes Valores del Tango, Alan Parker’s 1996 Evita, starring Madonna, in the RAI documentary El Tango a Passo Di. 

She has danced in some of the world’s most important theaters: New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, London’s Royal Albert Hall, The Paris Opera, The Hollywood Bowl, The Sydney Opera House and, of course, Buenos Aires’ Luna Park and Teatro Colón.

Lorena serves as a judge for the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Tango Championship and, the Tango World Championship. She has performed and taught at the most important tango festivals worldwide, in more than 25 countries. In Buenos Aires, at the Lady’s Tango Festival (27 years), Tango Salón Extremo (9 years), CITA (7 years), and also at Tango BA Festival, the Mundial (Tango World Cup), and at Centro Cultural Kirchner CCK. 

In Buenos Aires since the pandemic started in 2020 Lorena has been teaching at the popular “practica” Cheek to Cheek and online at Unidos Tango Festival, Esquina Tango Special Class Live, Astoria Tango Club, Tango Lalalan On Line School, Ellas y Ellos (Spain). She continues evolving her developing her online curriculum.

Her dance partners include the late great Osvaldo Zotto (1997-2008), Fabián Peralta (2010-2012), and Pancho Martinez Pey (2012-2021)

 Lorena graduated from the National Classic and Contemporary Dance School Maria Ruanova in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1992.