Tango for Beginners

           Daniel is one of the most experienced devotees of the Argentine Tango, having arrived in Argentina in 1986, and having learned from many of the “milongueros”, older dancers who served as a bridge to the tango’s “golden age”.

           Daniel’s classes for beginners are legendary for the combination of mechanical understanding and cultural context. He is a great story teller, and weaves the technical information into the historical context.

Beginning Tango from Zero.

Daniel’s Introduction to Tango Dancing for Absolute Beginners is famous for being delightful and making dancing possible for even the most doubtful beginners. This is a great opportunity to give people new to Tango there first experience; perfect for your reluctant two left footed friends.  No partner needed.  Complete novices welcome. For experienced dancers, a take on how to pleasurably introduce newcomers to tango.

Foundations for Everyone. (Part 1)

Tango through the lens of it’s Default Vocabulary. (for all levels) Basic movement and Lead and Follow, the hardest part of Tango. Ease and efficiency with this material underly all the complex movement that follows.

Foundations for Everyone. (Part 2)

Continues from Foundations for Everyone and now talks about the technique (Follower’s Mind) and architecture (Leader’s Mind) for the dance, and the roles that each dancer must embody.