The Tango Archives

The Tango Archive is the collected materials from Daniel Trenner’s 40 year career in Dance and teaching dance.

The Argentine Tango:

Other dances:

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As of this writing we don’t have a formal system for visiting and viewing the Archive. Call Daniel (413-522-2225) to set up a time to visit the area. Stay in a local hotel or B & B, perhaps a guest room here will be available. There is no payment for the visit, but there will be a suggested donation that you can make. Understanding how visitors can help support the Archive is evolving.

Working at the Archive:

We need the help of people with Video editing and Archiving skills. You can certainly come and trade out your lessons for work in the Archive, and that is a great way to make our acquaintance. There will be money available to pay salaries for the right people who have the skills and interest in pursuing this work of making tango, and the other archival materials available to a wider audience

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A small portion of the tango material is available online at our new subscription site. Please visit: