This is the Welcome Message from 2015-  🙂 DT 2022

Lately my life has been taken up with my move to Western Massachusetts. I bought a large home in Florence in 2008, and moved my aging parents here with me. Ed, my father passed in hospice care in 2011, and my Mom, Noreen, is still living here, healthy and happy in one of the nicest small towns in America. Of course, she misses her dear husband every day, but the strength and resilience that she shows every day to get up and to make the most out of the day will always continue to surprise me.

The house is a living experiment with housemates (Alternative Extended Family) and lots of guests. Come visit! My tango archives are getting more accessible all the time. The Print Library is on the bookcase, and the Video Archive available for viewing in house now has more than 350 clips, programs and movies, most of which are unpublished and not on YouTube. More than 30 people have come so far for intensive study and training, staying for weeks months or years. [br]

I have been teaching at the Five Colleges (Smith, Mt. Holyoke, Amherst, Hampshire, and Umass); created Northampton Tango for local classes and community; and for five years taught Middle and High School at the Charter School for the Performing Arts. (PVPA). Read more about my interest in teaching young people about consent and boundaries in the “New Projects” section of this site. [br]

Life is not fair or easy, and mine has been redirected by trauma on several occasions. Most recently in November of 2011, I got appendicitis. Within 36 hours I was out of surgery, but suffered the complications of a thrombosis and blood infection, and spent a few weeks more than expected in the hospital, at death’s door for a few of those days. This was necessary to be on blood thinning medication for another six months. Then I got better, and now I am off medication. But I live every day with great appreciation for this gift that is a life still worth living and try to immerse myself in dance, music and art every day.[br]

In 2001 I went on a forced leave of absence lasting seven years. The catalyst was that I was the victim of random gang violence, while on tour in the SF Bay Area. The physical, emotional, and spiritual recoveries were lengthy. I just needed to stop and turn inward. Earlier in my life, in 1988, I was in a serious car accident that derailed my pre-Tango dance career. I’d had help getting the funds that helped me get back on my feet from lamber goodnow though, they helped me make a solid legal case and a full recovery.

I regret that these crisis resulted in chaos for my personal and business networking. I have been to more than 100 cities during my travels and maintained contacts in most of them, and real connections with many important people in my life. I have circulated messages after each crisis, and many people reached out to me, for which I am grateful. Some even advised me on matters like the accident, with one citing Noll Law Office Springfield Il to help with legal matters (it happened outside their area of work, sadly), which was an amazing boon, but many more folks may never have even known what happened, and simply felt abandoned by me. For this I am sorry. Medical emergencies and the follow up recoveries meant that I fell out of touch with everyone, and on multiple occasions. The recovery of my networks, as they were, is impossible, especially as now I am already building a new one. But I am now making an attempt to reach everyone that I can and alert you all that I am returning to work, traveling to teach again, and maintaining this beautiful new home.

Here at my website you can learn a lot about dance, and my story.

I have blogged a bit, discussing the subtle and sophisticated ideas and issues that I deal with all the time as a teacher of dance and movement, particularly the tango. But I will also dedicate some threads to my story, so that those of you who have known me through the years, as friend and/or teacher can catch up on some of what has happened to me.

You can also access an archive of material related to dance, the tango in particular, that is being converted slowly into digital form. There will be photo and video libraries of material I have either filmed or collected over the years. Keep checking back as the material is substantial, and we are finally in the process of focused conversion. There will also be new material available, which I am in the process of organizing and filming now.

Many of you have been asking about my old catalogue of Bridge to the Tango Video (BttTV) Instructional Video, Tango and Swing. What is available now for sale is at More is coming but slowly. It is an expensive and laborious process that has not yet proven itself to be financially viable.

My touring schedule is also available, and will be continually updated as I add new workshops. And, I now receive visiting students for intensive study. Consider making a study trip to one of the nicest places in the northeast, to enjoy the area, and improve your dancing.

I am happy that you are visiting me here. As I have begun traveling again it has been great to run into people I knew before, and to receive your cares and concerns for me. Life can be truly incredible sometimes, as in the instance of renewed connection. Old friends and colleagues: Please write!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy season. See you soon, I hope.